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What is means to be a Master Stylist

I begin with heartfelt gratitude. The growth we've experienced at Fringe Hair Studio is truly remarkable, and I extend sincere thanks to our valued guests and supporters. I feel incredibly blessed to lead such a dedicated team. The commitment they exhibit toward our guests, ongoing education, and mutual support on the salon floor is truly commendable. Our staff is nothing short of masterful in their craft.

We've been receiving numerous requests from new guests specifically asking for appointments with a "Master Stylist." In light of this, let's take a moment to precisely define what it truly means to be a Master Stylist.

A Master Stylist with another Happy Client with Blonde Hair

What Is A Master Stylist

A Master Stylist is typically a highly experienced and skilled professional in the field of hair styling. This title is often used in the beauty and salon industry to designate a stylist who has achieved a high level of expertise and proficiency in various aspects of hair care and styling.

Some criteria that might define a Master Stylist:

  • Several years of hands-on experience working with diverse hair types, textures, and styles.

  • Extensive training and education in haircutting, coloring, and other hair-related services.

  • Mentoring or training junior stylists, contributing to the education and development of others in the industry.

"The master stylist is a highly-skilled stylist who will have a wide range of hair cutting and styling experience." "They are established, respected, and carry a reputation for excellence that has earned them this title." 

Keep in mind that the specific requirements and criteria for the title of "Master Stylist" can vary across different salons and regions.  There are many different  salons that carry a structured hierarchy of different titles, or levels.

The criteria for this esteemed title may not only encompass a range of factors, such as years of experience, advanced training, or demonstrated of various techniques, but also goals such as sales numbers, add-on services, products movement, etc.  

Salon Hierarchies

It's important to note that different salons may have distinct hierarchies with various titles or levels, making the path to becoming a Master Stylist a dynamic and unique experience shaped by the salon's specific standards and expectations. Some examples may include:

  • Stylist < Master < Elite

  • Associate/Entry < Level 1 < 2 < 3 < 4 < 4+

  • New Talent < Medium Talent < Top Talent

  • Apprentice < Stylist < Senior Stylist < Master Stylist

  • etc...

Graph of increasing levels with commissions

The truth is that there is no actual one regulated structure for any hair salon in the industry.  However, there are many different kinds of promotional structures.

Benefit of a Salon Hierarchy

Graphic of goals going up

Now a structured Level system can play a crucial role in numerous salons aiming to establish a vibrant culture right from the start, especially for stylists fresh out of school. It can be an ideal setting for many, providing a solid foundation and a supportive environment.

Hats off to those stylists who thrive in such setups, showcasing their skills and commitment.

Many aspiring stylists find joy in discovering a salon that feels like home and choose to stay loyal. Kudos to them for cultivating lasting relationships and contributing to the salon's success. And for those fortunate enough to land in their dream salon right from the beginning, that's an achievement worth celebrating!

Creative Hairstylists working together in the back of a salon

However, for many other creative individuals, finding their own rhythm may require experiencing various salon structures. The beauty industry offers a vast variety of learning paths, and for some stylists, exploring different environments becomes a key aspect of personal and professional growth. 

Diving into various salon setups opens up a world of insights, uncovering distinctive techniques that help craft a unique space tailored to their personal style, finding what resonates most with their creative spirit and professional ambitions.  In this industry, the journey to success is as diverse as the stylists themselves, offering a wealth of opportunities to learn, adapt, and flourish.

Forgetting The Salon Hierarchy 

The Fringe Hair Studio Team

At Fringe, we have chosen not to adopt a leveled structure. Although there are distinct price points for each service, our approach is rooted in recognizing the individual talents and capabilities of our team. We've aligned our pricing with years of experience in the industry, valuing the wealth of knowledge and expertise that comes with time. However, what sets our team apart is the emphasis on essential qualities such as talent, creativity, effective communication skills, and in-depth knowledge. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a fresh face in the industry, it's these qualities that make you a valued member of our exceptional team at Fringe.

My definition of a Master Stylists:

A Master Stylist not only possesses the expertise to bring any desired look to life, whether it's a specific haircut or a unique color combination, but also has the ability to discern the feasibility and authenticity of a given image or style amidst the prevalence of filtered or AI-altered representations. Moreover, they excel at envisioning the most flattering style tailored specifically to you.

While less experienced stylists may openly acknowledge their limitations and suggest seeking assistance elsewhere for a specific desired look, Fringe stylists embrace every challenge. Whether the proposed style is the perfect fit for you is a separate discussion, but a Fringe stylist will formulate a personalized plan based on the degree of change you're seeking.

I stumbled upon fellow stylist Carrie Robinson out of Canada, and I love her quoted saying, "A Master Stylist has perfected the art of seeking the unknown and making it known. They've mastered the process of dedicating themselves to continual, obsessive learning." CI Hair Studio

Everyone at Fringe Hair Studio is a Master stylist in my eyes, with some being in the game a little longer than others.  At Fringe, we collaborate and listen.  If someone on the floor has a question, there is a team of experts to assist in finding a solution.

In the vibrant tapestry of Fringe Hair Studio's culture, the experience of working here stands out, shaped by four foundational pillars: 

  • Talent - At Fringe, everyone is not only talented but also fueled by a genuine excitement to expand their knowledge. 

  • Empowerment - The atmosphere is one of mutual support, with each stylist cheering on their colleagues and collaborating to build upon creative ideas. 

  • Passion - There's a collective fire within the team, a shared passion for the beauty industry and a commitment to serving others. 

  • Continued Education - It's about bringing a foundation of skills and knowledge to the table. However, the emphasis on continuous improvement is ever-present.  

These cornerstones create an environment where each stylist is poised for unlimited potential.  It's this unique cultural foundation that sets Fringe apart, fostering a dynamic and empowering space where every team member thrives.

The team engages in collective learning experiences – from attending classes and trade shows to participating in hair conventions and hosting educators – fostering a culture of ongoing development for even the most seasoned stylists. It's not just about learning; it's about enhancing what you already know and growing alongside a team that values excellence.   It's really a good time.

Tabatha Coffey has a great quote about continuing education and how it connects to success, "I define success by personal growth; if you don’t continue to grow, you can’t continue to succeed."

A stylist perfectly matching a clients hair color

In Closing....

You have a picture in your mind, we know how to make it a reality.  From matching color, to a complete make-over, you will feel comfortable with anyone at our salon.  I consider it a privilege to lead this group dedicated to ongoing education, providing exceptional service to our guests, and supporting one another.  We stand apart by emphasizing individual talents over a leveled system, aligning pricing with experience. 

Our team embodies the mastery of a Master Stylist, contributing to a collaborative, empowering culture.  Fringe Hair Studio, guided by the pillars of Talent, Empowerment, Passion, and Continued Education, guarantees an experience that authentically embodies our tagline, "where your vision is our passion."

So whoever you see in our salon, feel comfortable knowing that you are indeed with a master stylist.

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